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quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Spaceships on Star Wars The Old Republic game

SWTOR Starships are the home base of each player, player-owned, and brings awesome features. There are currently 6 known starships in SWTOR, and these are Fury, D5-Mantis, BT-Thunderclap, XS Freighter, Phantom, and Defender. Here’s some info about each of these starships :
1. D5-Mantis Starship – this is best described by ‘fight’ word, and is a rare ship. This is cable of becoming a carrier ship, and it has power supplies that are independent. They are quite expensive, so the number of D5 Mantis across the galaxy is not that much. This is also rumored to be the top fighter ship, but as mention above, it costs a lot of money.
2. Fury Starship – This is versatile and belongs to the imperial fleet, and it has hyperdrive. Sith Lords mostly have these ships. Aside from being a Sith ship, it also combines speed and firepower.
3. BT-7 Thunderclap – Now this is a SWTOR fighter assault/Galactic Republic Ship, and it’s their most advanced ship. This is much more cheaper than the DS-Mantis, but is not that powerful compared to the DS-Mantis. An advantage of this hip during battle is its fast deplyment, and it has serious laser cannons and has one of the top armor.
4. X-70B Phantom – A ship of the imperial navy, this is the result of many years of research, difficult to spot, and a stealth bomber.
5. XS Freighter – is one of the fastest and quickest ships. This is good for transporting materials and cargo, and there are hidden compartments for safekeeping. It’s a large ship, allowing a huge cargo size.
6. Defender – This is the favorite ship of the Jedi, and was first made when in the Great War. A balanced ship, this is like the Empire’s Fury Ship.
Ships are used for traveling from 1 planet to the next, cargo & storage, and fighting.
Also, the best ships are from the black market. They are expensive, and having lots of credits will allow you to buy more effective and cooler SWTOR starships. Some ships can also only be used by 1 faction, for example, the Defender for the Republic, and the Fury for the Sith Empire. Starships are also zones, and you can go to different rooms. Each ship type also differs in size, with X5 Freighter being the biggest for cargo, and this is ideal for players who want to engage in crafting instead of fighting more.

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