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quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Pirates Of The Burning Sea Release Notes for Test Server build

We’ve fixed the insurance on the Macedon and a few other issues that have come up in your testing and ours. Thanks so much for your help and feedback! Keep it coming! We’ve got at least one more push to Test Server after this so get your comments in. :)
Release Notes for Testbed build are here.
Differences between and include but aren’t limited to:
Ships / Outfitting:
  • When we added an LSB to the Macedon, we didn’t increase insurance as we should. Fixed. It now pays out 108,640db when sunk.
Art / Sound:
  • Fixed the lighting/texture issue that was causing the fish you caught to look funky. This may also affect some shoulder pets and other items in the game. Let us know if you see any strange lighting issues that are new in this build.
  • Added information to make the fishing prototype less confusing.
  • The Fishmonger had a duplicate infoservice. Fixed.
  • We’d broken the strings for Society Promote and Society Demote. Fixed.
Stability / Performance:
  • Fixed a zone server crash that we caused with the loot box vs. sinking changes.

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