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12 Million Quest (updated guide to the old 30 mil quest)

12 Million Quest (updated guide to the old 30 mil quest)

How to earn approximately 12 million in 7 hours
Requirements to Start:  any level of boat; the dragon gunboat is great for new players and level 2 purchasing skill to start.  As you progress, you'll get more eloquence stunt points; spend these on purchasing - you'll need level 4 purchasing further down.

1) Venice's spices

Start the quest in Venice by speaking to Massetto.  On your way to Istanbul, stop at Athens and buy a Knight Cutlass from the Blacksmith (12,500 silver).  Head to Alexandra and purchase 10 marble from the trader.  After that find Abba Bakery at Istanbul dock and collect 10 brandy from him and give the marble to Abba Bakery.   Then give Knight Cutlass to Mill (he stands not far from Abba Bakery).  Finally, collect 5 spices from Abba Bakery and go back Venice and speak with Massetto to complete the quest.  Keep the 10 of brandy cases which you'll need later.

Massetto (Venice) - Abba Bakery (Istanbul dock) - Alexandria Trader - Abba Bakery (Istanbul dock) - Mill (Istanbul) - Blacksmith in Athens - Mill (Istanbul) - Abba Bakery (Istanbul dock) - Massetto (Venice)

Reward:  Voyage +50000, Eloquence +50000, Sea Battle +100000, Silver Coins +80000, Reputation +300, Amity in Merchant Guild +5

2) The legend of Crete Island: The proof of hero
Requires: Finish task "Venice Spices"

Mahmoud (Alexandria) - Sabrina (Alexandria) - Hussein (Alexandria) - Sabrina *Alexandria)- Mayeroff (Istanbul) - The prophet on Crete Island (village, behind a house on the right side of your screen) - Geremi (Algiers) - The prophet on Crete Island

Mahmood can be found in the square of Alexandra (enter the city, turn right and past the trader).  He spawns in the daylight hours.  When you initially speak with Hussein, tell him you have the navigator certificate.  Ask him where the soldiers are and agree to bribe him with 500 silver.
- The second time you meet Sabrina, tell her that her son is in Istanbul.  You will get a pair of boots made by her to give to her son Mayeroff.
- You will get the map of Crete from Mayeroff; keep it for a quest further down.
- Wait until the time is between 20 and 3 to head into Crete Village (the pirates are too tough for low level players)
- You will encounter pirate ships sailing to Crete beach, a dragon gunboat should get you in just
- Get the broken cutlass from Geremi.  Keep talking to Geremi until you get the option to ask him about a cutlass.  Deny his offers to sell you the cutlass.  He will eventually give it to you for free.
- You will get a sword called "Brave Heart" to authenticate and enter Cretan Labyrinth / Double Axe Labyrinth, although authenticating this is not part of the quest, you can always do it another time.
-  Give Sabrina 500 on the second times u talk to her will get Reward 1, talk to Mayeroff will get Reward 2 and finally will get Reward 3 + title.

Rewards: 1st: Reputation +500; 2nd: Voyage +30000, Eloquence +30000, Silver Coins +30000, Reputation +50; 3rd: Sea Battle +100000, Silver Coins +50000, Reputation +200

3) The struggle under Kiz Kulesi: Medicine for saving lives
Requires: Finish task "The legend of Crete Island: The proof of hero."

Nathan (Istanbul suburb)

Buy a low level healing potion from the alchemist before heading to find Nathan in the suburbs.  Although you have the potion with you when you talk to him, don't give it to him right away, but tell him you will come back with one.  Then talk to him again and give him the potion.

Rewards:  Sea Battle +1000000, Eloquence +1000000, Voyage +1000000, Reputation +200, Amity in Ottoman Empire +5

NOTE:  You will now have to wait 72 minutes before starting the next quest below:

4) The struggle under Kiz Kulesi: Money threatening lives

Nathan (Istanbul suburb) - Betty (Istanbul) - Kadeer(Istanbul) - Betty (Istanbul) - Kadeer (Istanbul) - Betty (Istanbul)

In your last conversation with Betty, she will give you Chinese China which you will need later in this overall quest.

Reward:  Sea battle +1500000, Eloquence +1500000, Voyage +1500000, Reputation +250, Amity in Ottoman Empire +10, "Chinese China"

5) The carnival in Venice: Preparation
Requires: Finish tasks "Venice Spices" + "The struggle under Kiz Kulesi: Money threatening lives" (You need Chinese China to start this quest)

Massetto (Venice) - Matteuzzo (Venice) - Edward (London) - Matteuzzo(Venice) - Massetto (Venice)

- After you submit Chinese China, wait 1 day.
- When you leave London, head to Hamburg and pick up 3 cases of rum

Rewards:  1st: Reputation +100, Amity with England +5; 2nd: Eloquence +150000, Silver Coins +300000, Reputation +200, Amity in Merchant Guild +5
6) Galileo's Scientific Research: Deliver Telescope

Requires:         Any of the following skills >= 10 (Sea battle, Voyage, or Eloquence)
                Amity in the Merchant Guild >= 30
                Amity in Kingdom of Greece >= 20

Galileo (Venice) - Pascal (Athens)
- Get 30x Astronomical Telescope from Galileo

Reward: Eloquence +1000, Silver Coins +50000, Reputation +80

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